Benefits of English Tuitions for Primary

When you decide to send your primary school child for English tuition classes there are a few things that you generally expect. These include them gaining a better knowledge of the language. Knowing English allows the child a better academic as well as professional growth. This makes receiving lifelong opportunities and advancements easier to come by. However, along with this improvement in grasping English, there are a few hidden benefits of enrolling your kids for lesson. These benefits are important for your child’s overall growth and development.

1. Your Child is able to interact with other English speakers

This might be one of the most important benefits of enrolling you child in English tuitions is that they are able to meet peers who are of the same caliber as them. This helps them develop friendships with those who have the same opportunities that they have. These friendships can be fostered from a young age and can grow into lifelong friendships that can also further develop into businesses or even professional opportunities in the future.

Even if the friendship is only temporary they are still able to practice their English skills outside the classroom and the more that they are able to practice the better their skills are developed and this will be more beneficial to them in the long run. The more a child is able to communicate in English the better they are able to think in the language and this helps them improve their skills further.

2. It teaches your child great effort gives great rewards

Not everyone is made to be average and be at the same level as his or her peers. Great people are made and these classes help your child understand that more effort they put into studying this subject the better they will be at it and they will be able to surpass the rest of the kids in their class without any difficulty.

3. Instils confidence in the child

Every child is different; some are shy while others are born confident. Going for English tuitions helps them improve their communication skills and increase their vocabulary. Mastering this skill will help them achieve better grades and be something that they can be proud of. This, in turn, will help them become more self-confident.

These benefits are not temporary and they keep growing over time and remain in your child long after they have left the classroom.

Field Trips Encourage Students To Learn About Science

Science is all about the evolution of mankind. But explaining this fact to elementary school children is very complex. As a result, to make science more appealing and interesting to students in enrolled in a science tuition centre for primary school students , field trips are a great learning exercise.

There are multiple places for science education including the science museum, a visit to a science laboratory, a botanical garden or even a farm. Before you head for the field trip, just make sure the students either read up about the place in the class, so that they can relate to what they see during the field trip. Field trips do the job of encouraging students to learn more about the science.

Interactive learning

Students on field trips actually see what they are reading about in theory. In a science museum, a student can finally realise how big a Tyrannosaurus rex is rather than what he or she reads in the school text books. Seeing this life like animals will make them understand science better. In addition, since the environment is different and the experience will create a conducive atmosphere to grasp everything easily.

On field camps

If you are visiting a botanical garden, then the caretakers there will take the students for a tour of the event. They will practically see how sunlight affects plant life. Not only that, there are activities lined up for the children such as looking at the various micro-organisms or worms under the soil. These activities help students understand how plants impact the ecosystem.

Real world experience

Seeing a rabbit running around in a farm or a hen lay eggs is a real world experience. And, neither a text book, nor an audio visual device will be do justice to the real thing. Children will learn to think outside the box beyond the controlled environment of classrooms. More than that, students can get practical knowledge as a result of which they will be able to perform better.

Bonding outside the classroom

Field trips are not always about studies, it is also about new experiences and increasing the bond between the students. Getting together and seeing the wonders of the world does bond people on a different level, and students are no different to that impact. In addition, students meet scientists and other interesting professionals who will contribute to their learning. You never know, which students may strike a chord with an animal in this field trip.

The Benefits of Child Care Centres in Singapore

Now, leaving your kid at a child care centre in Singapore might definitely feel like something widely inappropriate but that’s an important step to take, and it breeds a lot of advantages. At a certain point, you will certainly not have enough time to take care of your kid, especially if you are in a working family. This is where child care centres in Singapore turn out to be particularly beneficial. There are a lot of different advantages that can be derived from this, and it’s important to note them out.

A Daycare Centre is a Professional Establishment

All of the child care centres in Singapore which are operating legally are licensed to do so. This means that the staff has undergone the necessary training, has the required qualification and experience and is particularly good with handling kids. Furthermore, the establishment itself is going to have all the necessary legal, medical and other types of permits in order to operate legally within the limits of the law.

Clear-cut Rules to Follow

This goes out to you as a parent just as much as to your kid. A child care centre in Singapore is going to have a defined pick-up and drop-off schedule, so you are well aware of exactly what is being expected on your side. This means that you have a wide leeway to schedule your day around it and make the most of your time. What is more, a daycare centre is usually going to be more affordable than having to hire a nanny, for instance.

A Stable Arrangement

This is also something that you might want to take into proper consideration. You wouldn’t have to get on your toes when your nanny calls in for a sick day. When you make an arrangement with a child care centre in Singapore, that’s just it – you won’t have to worry about anything else.

Of course, there is also another very important factor. Your kid won’t be in isolation. This is something that a lot of parents tend to disregard. There are a lot of kids his or her age at the child care centre, and that’s going to allow your kid to socialise and make sure that everything is handled perfectly. With this in mind, you need to ensure that you pick the best care centre and that the staff are professional, experienced and properly qualified. If you can trust that this is true, then you are good to go.

Which is the Right Preschool Programme?

It is estimated that there are over 1,800 preschool programmes in Singapore. There are different options for the parents to choose from, ranging from day care centres to the kindergartens. When looking at the issue of preschool in Singapore, it is important to understand a number of basic things that revolve around this sensitive area on the development of a child.

Interesting facts of preschools in Singapore

Due to the busy schedules of the parents in Singapore, more than 99% of all the children who enrol for primary one, at 6 years, usually have attended preschool. By mid-2016, there were 495 kindergartens and 1,303 child care centres in Singapore. This means that there are approximately 1,800 preschools in Singapore. In 2017, statistics show that 50% of the children aged 18 months to 6 years will be taken to a child care centre. The average fee for a full-day preschool in Singapore is about $1,000.

Type of Preschool Programmes

It is one thing to make a decision that you want your child to attend preschool, but another thing to choose the specific programme. Singapore is known for its diversity in child care programmes that will accommodate the needs of different parents. The main types of child care programmes in Singapore include:

I. Infant Care: This is basic and offers care for children ranging from 6 weeks to 18 months. You should not assume that all preschool centres have this option. At this age, the baby is quite delicate and highly dependent. You will need to find an efficient infant care for the baby.

II. Playgroup: Just as the name implies, this is a centre that brings groups of children together to play. While these may not be among the structured preschool programmes, it is a great way to open up a child to the social world.

III. Child Care Centres: For most parents, this is the definition of preschool in Singapore. These centres are all-round and will handle babies from 18 months to 6 years old. The curriculum is a combination of work and play, and they offer key services like baths and providing meals for the kids.

IV. Kindergarten: This is for the older children, between 4 and 6 years and the curriculum is inclined towards academics. This is a formal preschool in Singapore that will prepare the child for the formal education.

Choosing a preschool in Singapore for your child can be overwhelming and exciting, at the same time. As a parent, it is your responsibility to carry out due diligence so as to find the right preschool programme for your child. You can consult other parents and people who have experience with preschools.

The Importance of Preschool Enrichment Classes

Some parents often question themselves if they should enroll their toddlers in enrichment classes. One of the main reasons that lead them to have doubts about it is the fact that some toddlers are shy. And parents believe that they won’t be happy if they are left alone with strange people, especially when they are so young.

However, some parents that already posed themselves the same question and decided to give enrichment class for toddlers a chance, because they do wonders for their children. Despite their shyness, they take the time when in the class to observe what others do. When they get home, they just replicate every move, every sound they saw. And with a very big smile on their faces.

While parents may be afraid for their small children, they need to understand that overall, they’re doing the best for them at the best age possible. It’s no crime to only start with enrichment activities in the kindergarten. However, you’ll be wasting some precious time on your toddlers when he could be exposed to a multitude of new experiences.

When you enroll children in preschool programs or enrichment classes, you’ll notice a lot of differences. She should be more developed in terms of social, emotional, physical, and cognitive experiences when compared to a toddler who isn’t enrolled in any enrichment activity.

Both preschool and enrichment classes are great to provide different environments from the ones your kids have at home. They allow your toddlers to discover and explore the world on their own. However, the way teachers deal with toddlers is very important. They shouldn’t push them too hard. Instead, they should be able to provide them with all the tools that allow them to discover things on their own. So, when choosing an enrichment class for your toddler, one of your main concerns should be about age. Making sure that you also get referrals from other parents as well as visiting the programs and asking a lot of questions should also be on your mind.

Since babies and toddlers aren’t able to express themselves very well, you need to pay attention to see whether they are liking the activity or not. If they’re not, it’s better to end the class and choose a different one. When a toddler is forced to attend an enrichment class that he doesn’t like, this can be stressful for him.

One of the best things about the preschool enrichment programs is that parents can benefit from the experience too, in two different ways. The first one is that they will be able to have more time for themselves; the second one is that some programs allow parents to participate as well, making the whole experience even more unique and special.


In Singapore, a child care provider can be anyone who has dedicated their professional focus towards the rearing and education of young children. A preschool teacher, a babysitter, even a parent can be considered a child care provider.

However, in most cases when speaking in these terms, it is meant to be a licensed professional dedicated to the provision of education and care to a certain age group of children. Most often this age group falls in that of nursery to preschool-aged children and younger. Once a child enters kindergarten, their care providers become teachers and other public and private school professionals, while the main part of their care comes from their parents. When you, as a parent, are looking for a child care provider for your young one, there are some qualifications that you should keep in mind.

Even if you are simply looking for a babysitter for Saturday night dates, the age of your child and other such individual factors should sway the final decision you make. If you are the parent of an infant or a toddler, the age of your babysitter, at least experience-wise, is an important one. It will be a more comfortable situation if you hire someone who has experience with children of that age, maybe even someone who is a mom themselves. In fact, great care providers for children at this age are other relatives, such as grandparents.

Hiring your next door neighbor’s teenage daughter is great if your child is the age of three and up, but unless said teenager has experience with infants and you have personal witnessed his/her interactions with infants, it may not be the best idea to leave them alone with your baby for long periods of time. A new baby can be stressful for anyone and someone who is still pretty much a child themselves, while meaning well, may not know exactly how to handle some situations that may arise.

As for playgroup Singapore professional childcare providers, these teachers, etc. require four years of undergraduate education with an emphasis on child development and care, as well as a license and hands-on training in this field. They are not only licensed in the provision of education and chaperoning of young children, but they will have certification in basic medical procedures too, such as CPR. These professionals are mature and nurturing and if they don’t have kids of their own they at least have experience with children. This means that you can be confident in leaving your child with them.

There are of course individual, out of the home daycare that are run by professionals without schooling in this sort. But, such childcare providers are required to meet certain standards in order to stay in business. When choosing something of this sort, be sure to ask around and get as many references for your choice as possible. In these cases, word of mouth is a beneficial thing to have. Choosing a childcare provider is not as hard as it may seem. Just make sure it is someone that both you and your child are comfortable with.

Benefits kids can derive from learning the Chinese language

China has been able to constantly make great progress in technology. Due to this fact, their economy has gotten stronger. This has drawn a lot of attention to not only the country but their language as well. Parents are now very much interested in children learning the Chinese language as China is positioning itself to be a major player in the future world and they are already achieving this feat. Chinese companies will start spread to several part of the world and the ability to speak Chinese would be an advantage. Parents can therefore start to help their kids to learn how to speak the Chinese language.

The Chinese Language

The Chinese language is the official language that is used in China. The fact that China is fast becoming a force to reckon with in the world means that more people would have to visit China in the future, while more might be involved with Chinese companies and citizens, even in their current country of residence. The Chinese language is therefore getting more and more important on a daily basis and individuals who have the ability to speak the language will benefit from this ability.

How to help your child learn the Chinese language

If you want your children to be able to speak Chinese, the first step is to ensure that you are able to make the child have an interest in learning the language. The child will need to learn Chinese vocabulary, pronunciations and would therefore require some materials that would be instrumental to quickly learning the language. The materials will also increase his or her level of confidence towards learning the language. Furthermore, parents can get flash cards as they are useful in helping the child to learn Chinese pronunciations, numeric and alphabets. All of these materials aid Chinese for kids learning and classes. Chinese games for kids can also be introduced as they can increase the interest of the child and enhance the speed with which the child will learn the new language.


Learning the Chinese language has a number of benefits. The benefits include:

Getting to know about the history of Chinese. This is considering the fact that Chinese has an ancient and interesting history, with a lot of lessons that the individual could learn.

Learning the Chinese language is also very important with people who have a narrow mind-set as the new language will help in opening the mind of such people and change their perception about how they see others.

Learning the Chinese language could open some doors of opportunity for your kid when they are older.

Learning the Chinese language will enhance the communication skills of the child.

Learning the Chinese language will lead to an improved vocabulary, comprehension and punctuation.

Learning the Chinese language will enhance the word flow of an individual and help them to be more fluent.

Learning the Chinese language therefore has the prospect of making your child’s future brighter than it would have been if he or she had not attended Chinese for kids classes .

Looking For A Child Care Center

Choosing the people who can teach your children can be a crucial task. So, simply make sure that you would be able to find all the factors below in one place. This can put your investment into good use. This would also give you the peace of mind when it comes to the values formation of your little ones.

The first essential factor would be the versatility of the curriculum. If an infant care centre in Singapore can adapt the lessons of a child based on his pacing of understanding , you shall be required to do less in checking up on them. They would slowly but surely get around the basics of education.

Make sure that the feelings of your children are being considered too. They should be allowed to skip a few classes when they are still unable to keep up with separation anxiety. They should also be introduced mildly to the class for them to start making friends and finally see something exciting in their lessons.

Know how they are able to change the disposition of a child. They are required to teach their students to learn to think and to think to learn. The curiosity of your little ones should be able to lead them to a better place and lead them to have an edge among their peers. It would not hurt them to be the brightest in their class and have that bigger self confidence.

Local lessons are encouraged to strengthen the personality of your kids. They have to be able to take pride in their nationality even when they are in an international setting. This would lead other people to have an impression that they are humble and that can result to lasting friendships in the playground.

A bilingual program would be very much appreciated when you want your children to interact in society as much as possible. Invest in their education and that can already be your greatest achievement as a parent. So, personally check the methods which would be used in this aspect. Make sure that there shall be audio files in these institutions.

Physical growth can be great. Thus, look for a play time in the daily schedule of your kids. It is adviced to be done in the afternoon to prevent your little ones from being lazy. They may take their siesta but they need to be active after that.

Look into their price. Discounts would surely come in handy. Just do not compromise the quality of the lessons.

Tips For Teachers To Learn Chinese For Kids

Our children are the hope of the society. They would then become the future leaders in our nation. That is why it is very essential that they must be given the proper nourishment and care and the right education.

Nowadays, education has been a necessity. Each and every kid in the world must be afforded with the right and proper education. It should start at the earliest age of our child so that his hidden skills would enhance and develop at the earliest stage of his life. That is why it is very important to learn Chinese for kids .

As a teacher, you should know that every kid is distinct from others. You must be the one to adjust to their needs since they are the one who needed help. Meeting the needs of your student is very important, therefore, take into account these basic tips to aid you in your daily lessons.

Learn the language. You will never be an effective teacher if you do not know the things that you are teaching. In order for you to be an effective Chinese teacher, you must have a solid foundation in the language. Make sure that your learning in the language is not only basic because if so, you will really find it hard to teach your students.

Make them listen to nursery rhymes. Kids are very fond of listening and singing nursery rhymes. In order for him to familiarize the language, make him listen to its nursery rhymes. Once he get the hold of the song, it would then very easy for him to pronounce the dialect.

Read him stories. These is one easy and enjoyable way to get the attention of the children. Reading him children stories in Chinese would not only make him entertained, but he would also learn a lot. Plus, the familiarization on the dialect would be a lot easier.

Play cartoons in Chinese audio. Cartoons are one of the things that make children happy. Making the, watch their favorite cartoon is so fun for them, but change the dialect. By doing this, you are not only making them happy but you also make them learn the dialect faster.

Make use of technology. With the fats growth of technology, it is not anymore a surprise when kids are very experts in using it. Some kids are very fond of playing in their personal computer or tablets. Make use of those gadgets by downloading some application that involves learning such dialect.