Why Should Children Take Creative Writing Classes?


Writing is an art. It is a medium of expression and it is an important tool for people who want to show and share something. It is what people use for physically and verbally unexpressed feelings. It has been used for information and entertainment purposes. Most especially, it has been an outlet for creativity. The gift of good writing can be innate in a person, but there are actually creative writing classes wherein we could enhance our skills to be a better writer. If we ever got a chance to join this kind of class, let us not hesitate because we can get a lot from it.

Kristina Adams, in her article, will try to tell us if creative writing classes are really worth it.

Are Creative Writing Classes worth it?

Ever considered taking a creative writing class but then wondered if it’s worth the time and money? Ever thought that you could just learn everything you need about writing from a book? Ever wondered just what creative writing classes teach anyway?

While I can’t speak for every writer or every creative writing class, I’ve studied my far share of writing. I’ve got a BA and an MA in creative writing, and regularly take part in classes at the local writers’ studio. With writing, there’s always more to learn, and the best way to do this is by engaging with other writers. Read more here J

That just proves that creative writing classes are really worth it. We can learn technical stuff regarding writing. We can learn what to do and what to avoid. Aside from the fact that writing could be a mirror of the mind, it is true that there could still be more into writing. There are more benefits that we could gain from it. It is true that we will never know if we wouldn’t try, but if we are really hesitant, let us try to hear it from someone who has tried taking a creatve writing class.

Hannah Anain will tell us more and give us five reasons why everyone should take a creative writing class.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Take a Creative Writing Class

This semester, I took Multi-genre Creative Writing with Jaquira Diaz, a Kenyon Review fellow. It is my first creative writing class at Kenyon, and I was unsure of what to expect, but I have absolutely loved it. However, there is a surprising number of people who have not taken a creative writing class and do not plan too, and I think they’re missing out. Kenyon is known for its outstanding English department and Creative Writing classes, but despite the fact that this is one of Kenyon’s best attributes, many people who are not English majors or are not particularly interested in creative writing will not take advantage of these courses. This is why you should be interested, regardless of major! Read more here J

She obviously had a wonderful experience taking that creative writing class. It is true that creative writing classes don’t only improve your writing skills, but you are improved as a whole person as well. Your personality, your way of thinking, your expressiveness, it can all be enhanced. Now are you already convinced that creative writing classes can do a lot for you? If not, let me show you more.

In an article written by Jonelle Lantier, we will learn about more benefits of taking creative writing classes. Let us read below.

Benefits of Creative Writing Classes

Oxford dictionary defines creativity as “use of imagination or original ideas to create something.” It demands imaginative thinking, originality and effective expression of thoughts. This expression is only possible when you are true to yourself. Virginia Woolf, the famed 20th century modernist writer used to practice automated writing, which helped her formulate ideas. She could tap into her subconscious and come up with unique story ideas only because of her habit of creative writing.

In the age of interdisciplinary studies, management is no more a domain for MBAs; and literature is also, no more a profession of literary writer alone. We are developing into a dynamic world, where interlinks are getting recognized. Society is trying to understand the relationship between science and theology, industry and social responsibilities and art and culture. In such a dynamic age, writing has emerged as a field where you need to be aware of all the current trends and techniques in order to be successful. You should know about various genres of writing like articles, screenplays, short stories, scribbling, travel writing, screenplays, report writing, automated writing and memoirs. Read more here J

Writing is something that can help a person a lot, whether it is the writer or the reader. As writers, we are able to express what is inside of us. We are able to burst out ideas and emotions. As readers, we are able to feel what others feel, relate to their experiences, and feel that we are not alone. Creative writing classes are there to be a help for improvement of the mind and the soul. Taking these classes will definitely not be a waste for it is truly beneficial. So now that we have read a lot about the benefits of taking creative writing classes, would we still hesitate to join one?


Importance of learning mother tongue at young age

Teaching mother tongue is said to be essential for children to succeed in their school. There are many benefits to teach children their mother tongue in their early years. Sometimes when people reside in a different country or region where the mother tongue is not spoken, the local language is often spoken and a common communication language is taught. Children are quick at learning different languages when they are very young. Teaching a second language would not confuse them but would simply make them smarter. It is the reason why schools have the concept of second and third languages. Here are the main benefits of teaching mother tongue to kids when they are very young:

1.Children grow and develop intellectually:

The intellectual growth that happens during the first few years after birth is surprisingly big. So this would be the time to teach children multiple languages including the mother tongue. Learning languages helps children grow smarter. Emotional growth is also known to be better when they are taught more than one language. Being able to understand the concept of different languages, knowing the differences in them all help build their communication. They would soon understand the concept of talking different language to different people for example there might be a first language at school and a different language spoken at home.

2.They would accept school easily:

Sometimes communication barrier can discourage children from accepting school. With new people and a new surroundings children might already be having a tough time getting used to going to school. If the child doesnt understand the primary language at school, then the child might not be able to express himself and this might affect the progress of the child. So if the school teaches the mother tongue, then it would help the child easily blend into school.

3.Interactive learning is easier with the mother tongue:

If both the parents at home converse in the mother tongue then there would a practical way of learning things. The child would pick the language up very easily and would also be able to interact better. Interactive teaching methods are the best when it comes to teaching young learners. Children understand instructions better and would be more confident in expressing their curiosity and raise questions.

4.Strength in mother language communication would help learn other languages better:

When the child is adept at using the common language at home, the mother language then the child would be well-prepared to learn another language. The mother language skills would also act as building blocks for other language skills. It also helps build their vocabulary quicker. And after all being skilled at multiple languages is a competitive skills that go a long way in the future.

5.Helps communication with the extended family easy:

Childrens social skills are enhanced when they interact with people of all age group. For interacting with the extended family knowing the mother language would be important. It would be the common language that everyone in the family would be able to speak and understand.

Besides the above mentioned benefits it is always a plus to know more languages. Children would be exposed to their mother language during gamily events and gatherings. It would also be the language spoken at home and a language that parents would also be most convenient to converse in. Knowing the mother language would also be a starter to help the child understand the family culture. After all. In most cases languages are closely related to the culture of the region of origin. So right in the early ages, schools teaching the mother language, Benefits of enrichment classes for toddlers and have long term benefits.