3 reasons why IP science tuition for your child is required

What is IP?

Integrated Program (IP) is an educational scheme in Singapore which allows high performing students to skip the O level exams and go straight to prepare for the A levels. IP requires your child to be able to balance both academic and extracurricular activities. Sometimes it becomes difficult to do the same especially when subjects like science are involved. Taking tuition for these classes might therefore, be a good decision.

Here are 3 reasons why IP science tuition classes  might make sense:

  1. Special attention

Subjects that require analytical skills and brain picking require extra attention and that is why considering tuition for science might be a good idea. Parents often are not able to give that attention children need to do well in the subject which makes it stressful for parents as well. There is an increasing need to do well in this competitive day and age and that is why more and more parents try to push their children into the IP scheme. Between balancing work and home chores, sometimes the quality time the child needs for guidance on the subject cannot be provided by the parents.

Also parents may not even be equipped to help especially with subjects like science which is ever evolving.

  1. Performance pressure

While it is wonderful if your child has been selected into this scheme, there could be performance pressure on him/her. In subjects like science students are either able to understand and apply the concepts or they can’t; there’s no room for ambiguity. The IP scheme is for those who are all-rounders and are gifted students. There is, therefore tremendous pressure to maintain that status. There are many students who fail to keep up and perform well in this scheme.

  1. The balancing act

It gives students flexibility to enhance their skills and allow them to get a more holistic education. It also encourages them to be independent learners. This means a lot of self discipline and time management skills are required. Science subjects can take up a lot of time to understand, leading to lesser time for other subjects and activities. This can affect the overall performance of the student.

IP science tuition therefore is often more of a necessity. It can not only help them to get a better grasp of the subjects, it also helps them to manage time well ensuring an overall improvement in performance.