The Importance of Preschool Enrichment Classes

Some parents often question themselves if they should enroll their toddlers in enrichment classes. One of the main reasons that lead them to have doubts about it is the fact that some toddlers are shy. And parents believe that they won’t be happy if they are left alone with strange people, especially when they are so young.

However, some parents that already posed themselves the same question and decided to give enrichment class for toddlers a chance, because they do wonders for their children. Despite their shyness, they take the time when in the class to observe what others do. When they get home, they just replicate every move, every sound they saw. And with a very big smile on their faces.

While parents may be afraid for their small children, they need to understand that overall, they’re doing the best for them at the best age possible. It’s no crime to only start with enrichment activities in the kindergarten. However, you’ll be wasting some precious time on your toddlers when he could be exposed to a multitude of new experiences.

When you enroll children in preschool programs or enrichment classes, you’ll notice a lot of differences. She should be more developed in terms of social, emotional, physical, and cognitive experiences when compared to a toddler who isn’t enrolled in any enrichment activity.

Both preschool and enrichment classes are great to provide different environments from the ones your kids have at home. They allow your toddlers to discover and explore the world on their own. However, the way teachers deal with toddlers is very important. They shouldn’t push them too hard. Instead, they should be able to provide them with all the tools that allow them to discover things on their own. So, when choosing an enrichment class for your toddler, one of your main concerns should be about age. Making sure that you also get referrals from other parents as well as visiting the programs and asking a lot of questions should also be on your mind.

Since babies and toddlers aren’t able to express themselves very well, you need to pay attention to see whether they are liking the activity or not. If they’re not, it’s better to end the class and choose a different one. When a toddler is forced to attend an enrichment class that he doesn’t like, this can be stressful for him.

One of the best things about the preschool enrichment programs is that parents can benefit from the experience too, in two different ways. The first one is that they will be able to have more time for themselves; the second one is that some programs allow parents to participate as well, making the whole experience even more unique and special.


In Singapore, a child care provider can be anyone who has dedicated their professional focus towards the rearing and education of young children. A preschool teacher, a babysitter, even a parent can be considered a child care provider.

However, in most cases when speaking in these terms, it is meant to be a licensed professional dedicated to the provision of education and care to a certain age group of children. Most often this age group falls in that of nursery to preschool-aged children and younger. Once a child enters kindergarten, their care providers become teachers and other public and private school professionals, while the main part of their care comes from their parents. When you, as a parent, are looking for a child care provider for your young one, there are some qualifications that you should keep in mind.

Even if you are simply looking for a babysitter for Saturday night dates, the age of your child and other such individual factors should sway the final decision you make. If you are the parent of an infant or a toddler, the age of your babysitter, at least experience-wise, is an important one. It will be a more comfortable situation if you hire someone who has experience with children of that age, maybe even someone who is a mom themselves. In fact, great care providers for children at this age are other relatives, such as grandparents.

Hiring your next door neighbor’s teenage daughter is great if your child is the age of three and up, but unless said teenager has experience with infants and you have personal witnessed his/her interactions with infants, it may not be the best idea to leave them alone with your baby for long periods of time. A new baby can be stressful for anyone and someone who is still pretty much a child themselves, while meaning well, may not know exactly how to handle some situations that may arise.

As for playgroup Singapore professional childcare providers, these teachers, etc. require four years of undergraduate education with an emphasis on child development and care, as well as a license and hands-on training in this field. They are not only licensed in the provision of education and chaperoning of young children, but they will have certification in basic medical procedures too, such as CPR. These professionals are mature and nurturing and if they don’t have kids of their own they at least have experience with children. This means that you can be confident in leaving your child with them.

There are of course individual, out of the home daycare that are run by professionals without schooling in this sort. But, such childcare providers are required to meet certain standards in order to stay in business. When choosing something of this sort, be sure to ask around and get as many references for your choice as possible. In these cases, word of mouth is a beneficial thing to have. Choosing a childcare provider is not as hard as it may seem. Just make sure it is someone that both you and your child are comfortable with.